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We offer education, training and adventure services to help you explore, reach, and grow.

Professional Integral Coaching®

For business, wellness, and personal development.

Outdoor & Adventure Guiding

In collaboration with Zion Guru.

Mindful Movement in Nature

Sits, walks, hikes, and runs. Meditative and interpretive nature hikes. Mindful running and training.

Contemplative Adventures

Backpacking retreats for more emmersive experience.

Human Development Workshops

A wide range of topics, including meditation and Dharma, personal fitness, compassion cultivation, ecological self-awareness.

Retreat Hosting

In collaboration with Two Cranes Inn.

What is Professional Integral Coaching®?

A whole-person approach to coaching

Integral Coaching® is a whole-person approach that starts with the understanding that a human being is comprised of the totality of their experiences, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and wishes, as well as the shared social, physical, and cultural contexts in which they live. It is an effective methodology to help clients discover insights and possibilities about their lives and to help them develop the skills and capacity to live into those possibilities.

New Ventures West Certified Profession Coach

As a New Ventures West Certified Integral Coach®, Lizette offers clients a coaching partnership based on mutual trust, mutual respect, and freedom of expression. This relationship offers clients a safe space in which to explore their specific issue or topic and discover insights to help move them forward.

While Integral Coaching® will always focus on a client’s specific issues, the broader aim of Integral Coaching is towards:

  • Long-term excellence: building more competence to not only tackle the current issue at hand, but to have the capacity and confidence to face future life situations; when one’s capacity to move about life increases, so does one’s sense of fulfillment
  • Self-correction: building the skills to be more aware of moments when behavior is not aligned with intention and having the tools and practices to navigate back to integrity
  • Self-generation: having the skills and capacity to continually expand long-term excellence, living and being in the world in a way that has the potential to alleviate suffering

Typical topics for coaching

Some topics that Lizette has helped clients with include:

  • feeling inadequate or “not good enough”
  • feeling overwhelmed and/or stuck
  • feeling life is happening to me
  • wanting to be a better leader, partner, parent
  • wanting to experience more meaning or purpose in my life

Integral Coaching Offerings

Being of service to help others discover their potential and partnering with clients on their path towards happiness and fulfillment is a calling that Going for the Good holds sacred. Lizette is pleased to offer the following paths for your individual journeys:

  • Complementary 45 minute conversation where you have the opportunity to learn more about Lizette and Integral Coaching, Lizette has an opportunity to get to know you, and together you both get a sense of whether a personalized Integral Coaching program is your next step
  • A personalized coaching program designed specifically to address your coaching topic. The program can span 4 to 12 sessions over 1 to 4 months and will consist of face-to-face or phone or Skype sessions, and between session support via email and text. Between sessions, you will have exercises and practices. These typically include self-reflection and/or self-observation exercises and and body and movement practices.
  • A 60 minute coaching conversation where you are free to explore any topic that is important to you, in same safe space of a coaching relationship, one based on mutual trust, mutual respect, and freedom of expression, with no strings attached. This is a good option if you want to find clarity around a particular topic and aren’t ready to commit to a full development program.

Gift economy and sliding scale pricing

Going for the Good is deeply passionate about human development. Lizette feels strongly that coaching be accessible to anybody who is ready for growth and willing to do the work required for growth to happen. She offers her coaching services on a sliding scale basis and knows that that clients pay what they can given their individual circumstances. Sometimes clients will be able to pay the full rate for coaching services and sometimes clients might only be able to pay a fraction of that-- we know that we humans are generous and we do what we can. Ultimately, please don’t let a thin wallet be the reason you don’t sign up for coaching.

Schedule a complementary 45 minute conversation

Lizette’s Integral Coaching®, which takes place in-person or over phone or Skype, is informed by her many and varied life experiences. If you’re curious about Integral Coaching® and wondering if it is a fitting approach for you, contact us to schedule a complementary 45 minute conversation with Lizette.

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Our Approach

How we work with you:

1. listening

2. reflecting

3. collaborating

4. personalizing

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Our Team

the humans behind the work

Lizette Byer

Lizette Byer

Certified Professional Integral Coach, RRCA certified running coach, marathoner, tech professional, philosopher, mother, partner

Lisa Benham

Lisa Benham

Buddhist eco-chaplain, wilderness guide, environmental educator, designer, artist, musician, cartographer, Black Rock Ranger, mother, partner

About Lizette

Lizette Byer

Lizette Byer was born and raised in San Francisco, California, a first-generation American of Filipino immigrants. She is an avid runner and often finds inspiration running in the early dawn, a discovery that came through while training for marathons in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lizette graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with degrees in mathematics and philosophy. She brings with her over 25 years of high-tech experience and has worked in engineering and management roles for companies in various industries, from small startups to large global organizations.

Now in the second half of her life, she has stepped away from the corporate world to discover and create Lizette 2.0. In her words, “I have found my love of wisdom rekindled, along with a passionate desire to live a more authentic life, with greater purpose and meaning.” This desire has brought her to Springdale, Utah where the majesty of Zion Canyon’s red rocks is a daily inspiration. Among its many gifts, Zion Canyon has given Lizette the opportunity to connect with nature and community in a very profound way, an experience she enjoys seeing others discover. Lizette is a New Ventures West certified professional coach and a RRCA certified running coach. Since moving to Zion Canyon, she has become an aspiring canyoneer and works as an outfitter and apprentice guide with Zion Guru. She also enjoys sharing her love of running and inspiring and empowering others as a coach for Girls on the Run of Southern Utah, where she also serves as board treasurer, and as a blog contributor for Go Wow Living, a women’s wellness organization.

About Lisa

Lisa Benham

Lisa Benham, M.S., Buddhist eco-chaplain, is thrilled to have relocated in the fall of 2015 to stunning Zion Canyon, Utah from her lifetime home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Following raising a family and two decades working as a web and graphic designer in Silicon Valley, she completed her graduate work in Environmental Studies, conducting her thesis research with the inmate participants of the Insight Garden Program within San Quentin State Prison. Lisa continued to work there as facilitator and program manager, and was also invited to co-author an inventive and successful proposal to work as an eco-chaplain inside the Santa Clara County Jail where she further combined environmental education and engagement with mindfulness instruction.

Lisa completed CCARE’s Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) program at Stanford with Robert Cusick and has brought this work into her prison and jail instruction to great reception. She looks forward to doing further training with CCARE, and is also part of Animas Valley Institute’s inaugural Wild Mind Training Program for human development professionals, with Bill Plotkin, PhD. She now works as an outfitter, interpretive guide and assistant canyoneering guide with Zion Guru/Nama Guides. Lisa is a trained visual artist, photographer, cartographer and musician, and gleefully incorporates these many rich, self-healing approaches into her outdoor, spiritual, and creative work in and around Zion.


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